Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Pentium Upgrade packages.  


Can any computer be upgraded, and how fast?

Any computer can be upgraded, but some need more components than others. This depends on your computers brand and age. It also depends on what upgrades have been done since the computer was purchased. The Mainboard, CPU and video is replaced, ANY speed is achievable. Call for details on your particular unit.


What is the upgrade package? Is this an "overdrive" processor?

Our upgrade packages donít use "quick fix" overdrive or upgrade chips. To truly upgrade your   computer to "state-of-the art", the Mainboard, video card, and CPU is replaced. Quality is important! We only use top quality, high performance components selected from major brand manufacturers. When finished, youíll virtually have a new computer inside your original case which will compare with some of the top ranking systems currently on the market. A complete overhaul!


What about those inexpensive computers seen advertised by Compaq, HP, Packard Bell and others?  Wouldnít it be cheaper to buy a new computer?
It may seem that buying a new computer could be a simpler answer. But most of the time this is not true. See "Why are some computers advertised so cheap?"  Keep in mind, Accessory Computer also builds new computers. The parts cost the same whether they go into a new computer or your existing one. Some of your existing components will not effect the computers speed and absolutely donít need replacing such as your floppy drive, case, power supply, sound card and many other peripherals. Also most people have already upgraded some components such as the Hard drive, modem, RAM, CD ROM, etc. These are perfectly good components and will save you money if reused. There is no reason to discard these perfectly good peripherals! In the end, you will save money by upgrading rather than purchasing a new one and it will be more powerful and upgradable than the bargain PCís advertised.


What about all of my programs and precious files. Will everything still be there?
This is one of the most valuable benefits of upgrading rather than purchasing a new one. You wonít have to spend several hours reloading and setting up your computer software again. Your files and software will still be loaded just the way you left it. The upgrade is "hardware" only and will have no effect on your current software, but the new speed your programs run will amaze you. Important note: You should always back-up important files before transporting your computer for repair or an upgrade. Hard drives can be damaged during transport and destroy data.


I brought my computer to the local store and the technician/salesperson says it isnít worth upgrading and should be replaced. Is this true?
Maybe not. Accessory Computer specializes in the upgrade process. We have access to several Mainboards and components that other shops donít carry. Itís very rare that we canít offer a package that isnít cost effective. The other shops would rather sell a new computer than research the upgrade process for your particular system, itís not their specialty. We can offer both: A cost effective upgrade, or a new system. The parts we use in the upgrade packages are no more expensive than the ones we use in our new Computers. And several components on your existing system will not effect the performance of your computer such as the Floppy Drive, Sound Card, Case, Power Supply and more. You may have already upgraded your Hard Drive, Modem, or other components. There is absolutely no reason to discard these perfectly good parts, and reusing them will save you money.


How long does the upgrade take?
The upgrade usually takes 2 days. Assembly one day, and 8 hour burn-in the second day. The Burn-in process is very important to ensure the system will not fail after several hours of use (Few shops perform this very critical step). If your upgrade is unique or if we have several orders to fill it may take slightly longer.


What is the warranty on the upgrade?
1 Year Parts and Labor on the installed parts


Can this upgrade be done over the weekend?
Yes. Accessory Computer understands that people become very dependent on their computer. We work hard to accommodate each individuals situation.


Why donít other stores or repair centers perform this upgrade?
Simply put, this is not their specialty. They charge retail pricing for every part, then charge normal labor rates to assemble and configure. They do not offer package pricing for the upgrade so it becomes too expensive. Accessory Computer has put together discount package pricing for these upgrades which compare considerably less expensive than a new computer.


What hours can I bring the computer for service or an estimate?
We offer flexibility! Day, Evening and weekend appointments are available.

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