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My Mouse wonít work.

Make sure the mouse in the correct port and not reversed with the Keyboard. The mouse and keyboard have identical connectors on most computers. You must plug in the mouse when the computer is OFF, otherwise it will not work. Turn off the computer, plug the mouse into the correct port -  then power on. 

Erratic mouse behavior is usually caused by dirt. Flip the mouse upside down and you will find a circular panel. Rotate the panel (usually counter clockwise) and remove. Inside you will find a ball, remove it. With the ball removed you will see 3 rollers. Take a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol and clean the rollers (note: there will usually be a dark streak or line of dirt on the roller.) Make sure it is completely clean. Next clean the ball with water. Wait for all parts to dry and re-assemble. Mouse should be fixed! If not the mouse needs replacement.


My Sound Wonít Work

Most of the time the speakers are plugged into the wrong port. Customers often plug the speakers into "microphone", or "line-in" port by mistake. Make sure you plug into the port labeled "line-out" or "speakers". Sometimes, instead of the words "speakers", there may be a speaker symbol which indicates the correct spot. Typically, you'll should find 3 plug-inís on the sound card: "Speaker" (or "line-out"), "Mic", and "Line-in". If you cant read the small print, try each one (it won't hurt anything).

Don't plug into the Modem speakerphone port! Itís confusing because it is labeled "speakers", but is used for a speakerphone option found on some special modems. If you find a "speaker" port very close to where your phone cord plugs in, then it's usually the wrong place.  Look for another "speaker" or "line-out" port on your computer. 

Obviously,  make sure the speakers have power. Turn them on and look for a small light on the speaker to indicate they are indeed on.  Most speakers must plug into an electrical wall socket for power - this is a very common oversight. Also, many customers have lost the AC Adaptor which came with their speakers - again, it's very important to ensure there is proper power to them and properly plugged into the electrical wall socket.  Of course, also ensure the volume knob is not turned too low.  

Next check your windows settings. Look on the lower right hand corner in Windows (next to the clock), there should be a speaker symbol/icon. Double click it and a volume control panel will pop up. Make sure "muted" isn't checked and the volume is high enough. 

If you are still having problems, contact Accessory Computer for help.


My Modem Doesnít work.

Normally, there are two connections on the modem for the phone cord. Make sure you plug your phone cord in the port labeled "Line" or "Line-in". The most common issue for customers is that they plug into the port labeled "phone" which is not correct. 

In a few cases, the customers phone cord is not a perfect match for the modem (it may not line up correctly even though it appears to plug in properly). Try using the cord which came with the modem, or if not available just try another cord. Also, avoid telephone extensions cords - they have been known to cause problems. 

Next make sure the computer dials out. Pick up another extension and listen while the computer dials your Internet. Does it dial? Is it a busy signal? If it dials, rings, answers and makes the "handshake" squealing noise then the modem is probably working correctly. You should contact your Internet service provider to troubleshoot. If you don't hear it dial, contact Accessory Computer for assistance.


Computer wont power up.

Of course make sure the computer is plugged in. Test the outlet with a lamp to make sure the outlet is good. Some computers have a power switch on the back as well as the front. Make sure the switch is ON in the back. Reseat the plug in the back of the computer and make sure it is firmly plugged in both the wall and the computer. If you are using a power strip, the power strip may be defective or weakening. Donít be fooled because the power strip works with a lamp or the monitor powers on, the computer may be too much for it. Plug the computer directly into the wall and donít use the strip. If it works, purchase a new power strip. If it still fails, contact Accessory Computer.


Missing files or DLL/VXD error messages when the computer enters Windows

Most of the time this is caused by deleting a program or files incorrectly. All programs should be "uninstalled" by using the "ADD/REMOVE Programs" icon in the "Control Panel". Or should be uninstalled by a special uninstall file provided with the particular program. Try re-installing the program that was deleted improperly, then use the appropriate uninstall procedure. You may need to read the software program manual for the proper uninstall procedure. If problem persists, contact Accessory Computer.


My computer wont read a Floppy disk made on another computer.

This is very common. There might be a slight alignment or incompatibility between the two computers Floppy Drives. The solution is to format the Floppy disk on the computer that couldn't read the disk. Then take the disk to the computer that has the information you want to copy the file from. Copy the file and you should be able to read the disk on both computers. If this doesnít fix the problem, contact Accessory Computer.


My Computer has a lot of Pop-up Ads and runs very slow!

See our article on Spyware/Adware


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